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Expect "Happi Awwa," Karaoke Nights at Izakaya Ramen

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Over the summer downtown staple Sushi Hiro partnered up with restaurant group REV Foods and morphed itself into Izakaya Hiro. Now, chef Hideya Isibashi is leaving after 20 years, and REV is turning the space into Izakaya Ramen, making Charleston home to the world's most absurdly stereotypical Japanese restaurant.

The idea for the change is to create a "concept that has a more relaxed, exciting atmosphere and a full bar that is true to a traditional izakaya and undoubtedly true to REV."

Now, onto the official announcement:

The drinking vinegar's will remain on the cocktail list, the sake list will be limited and a full liquor bar will now be available. Izakaya Ramen will have a late night happi awwa (Japanglish for drink specials) and various nights featuring specials for the many industries that get left out of 'food and bev' focused nights at many restaurants and bars.

Izakaya Ramen won't just be known for their popular vinegars and unfortunately named happy hour. They're also rolling out lots of new activities inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun, and free booze in exchange for kitsch.

New additions to the space will include ten televisions where patrons can catch up on the latest anime flicks, sumo matches, international sports and Japanese game shows. Izakaya Ramen will host karaoke nights and sudoku competitions and your server may even teach you how to make an origami creature or two.

The new logo is certainly representative of the fun changes being made and if you bring in an owl ornament of sorts that we don't already have in the restaurant, you will not only have the honor of your owl on display forever, but you get a free sake or beer with your meal. You can also leave your mark in Izakaya Ramen on the Haiku wall when you bring your creative and poetic A-game.
The restaurant will be closed for a week, and the new incarnation is set to open on October 29, when it'll be revealed if the waitresses are dressing like geisha.

· Izakaya Hiro is Now Izakaya Ramen [Constant Contact]

Izakaya Ramen

298 King St. Charleston, SC