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Are the Best Restaurants in Charleston Still to Come?

New York magazine planned a trip to Charleston for a couple of retro road-trippers on a budget. They nailed it for coffee and sweets, sending the pair to Black Tap and suggesting Sweeteeth chocolates. But when it came to restaurants, they dodged possible cliche tourist picks by recommending...places that haven't opened yet? Specifically, Mike Lata's highly-anticipated The Ordinary and Xiao Bao Biscuit.

The article is part of the winter travel issue, but it still feels like they might be getting ahead of themselves. Agree? Disagree? Comment below. Either way, if you see a couple of sharply-dressed New Yorkers wandering around Spring Street in the next few weeks, send them over to Bon Banh Mi or at least point them back toward Upper King.

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Black Tap Coffee [Photo: Facebook]

The Ordinary

544 King Street, , SC 29403 (843) 414-7060 Visit Website

Xiao Bao Biscuit

224 Rutledge Avenue, , SC 29401 Visit Website