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Charleston Wine + Food Festival is ON

Ever hit backspace and accidentally cancel an entire festival? That's basically what happened to some poor staffer over at the Charleston Wine + Food Festival yesterday. According to The Post and Courier, "The errant email materialized when a staffer in the ticketing office deleted some information after adding a beverage seminar to the schedule for the 2013 event."

A flurry of "disregard!" emails and tweets were sent, citing computer errors and technical difficulties. Apparently, the notice only went out to ticket buyers, so procrastinators missed the anxiety-inducing experience. Somewhat by default (or perhaps twisted-genius, click-generating design), the glitch drew attention to the fact that events with McCrady's, the Lee Brothers and other favorites are already sold out. Unless we hear otherwise, the festival is scheduled to run from February 28 until March 3.

· Errant Email Shows Event As Cancelled [P&C]

Chef Robert Carter doing a demo at Wine + Food [Photo: Facebook]


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