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British Travel Writer Likens Grits to Paste

British newspaper The Guardian sent a reporter to Charleston who was basically interested in two things: the city's growing status as a culinary destination and our sexy Southern gentlemen. The single girl falls so hard for the charms of downtown and the Lowcountry cuisine, she completely forgets her manhunt. Specifically, she's taken with the barbecue at Jim 'N Nicks, the coconut cake at Peninsula Grill and the tomato pie at Dixie Supply Bakery & Caf&eacute.

There's one Charleston staple that didn't win her over, though: "Grits – a semolina-like paste, made from ground corn cooked with milk and cream – is something of an acquired taste, which, I must confess, I have not yet acquired." Maybe on her next trip here, she'll get a guy...and the grits.

· A food revolution in Charleston, US [Guardian]

[Photo: Official Site]

Dixie Supply Bakery & Café

62 State St. Charleston, SC