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Chef Adam Close Does Brunch at Fat Hen

The Holy City is home to plenty of restaurants and bars, but there are lots of hidden gems that some Charlestonians aren't unearthing. To guide us to these potential discoveries or at least redirect us to some forgotten favorites, we've enlisted some of the city's food luminaries to share their recommendations for a feature called Dining Confidential.

Adam Close, the executive chef of downtown's Blossom, loves going out for brunch and, lucky for him, he always has Sunday off. Occasionally, you might find him eating chicken and waffles for breakfast at Early Bird in West Ashley, but he's really into the bloody marys and the Lowcountry-meets-French cuisine at Fat Hen.

"In Charleston, it's hard to beat Fat Hen. It's always good. Normally, if I go for brunch, I get a lot of small things. They've got a peanut and charred corn salad that's killer. The cassoulet is always good, and so is the smoked salmon. Usually, I'll go with a group of friends, but sometimes I'll drag my sous chef out there. It's one of my favorite places in the world."

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Fat Hen Restaurant

3140 Maybank Highway Johns Island, SC 29455